Big Apachee have been booking entertainment for over 25 years. We understand that you are looking to create your own memorable atmosphere for your venue or function. That is why we have a carefully curated roster of talented and professional entertainers and artists to suit a variety of situations that may range from understated and charming to a hyped party atmosphere. Big Apachee combines a wealth of knowledge in the entertainment industry to meet the needs of individual venues to bring the best entertainment solution possible.

We also book all the regular entertainment at the following venues (soloists, duos, original and cover bands);

  • The Wickham Park Hotel

  • Northern Star Hotel

  • Earp Distilling Co.

  • Scratchley's Battlesticks Bar

  • Lambton Park Hotel

  • Stroud Central Hotel

We currently book the following venues for high profile touring acts;

  • The Cambridge Hotel

  • The Stro at UNE

  • The Bar on The Hill

For all booking enquiries please contact or call to have a chat 02 4968 3093.