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Big Apachee proudly represents a select group of artists.

  • Austin Mackay

  • Bad Luck Kitty

  • Brien McVernon

  • Compadre Diablo

  • Downsyde

  • Goons Of Doom

  • GW Freebird Blues Band

  • Holly Mae

  • Jump

  • Monsters

  • Nano

  • New Black Shades

  • Pat Capocci

  • The Blues Bombers
  • The Donkey Browns
  • The Lamplighters

  • The Ride Ons

  • Then Jolene

  • TK

  • Them Wild Oats

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The legendary Australian rock band known for tackling political issues through their music. SPY V SPY is one of the hottest acts on the Australian live circuit today.

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The Blues Bombers

Rhythm and Blues band from Newcastle NSW Aus.

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Compadre Diablo

Compadre Diablo is a Roots, Country, Blues, Traditional Folk extravaganza.

Featuring, Grant Walmsley, The Rev Jim Gordon, David Evans, Paul Coxon, Paul Elliott.

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austin mackay

Austin Mackay is a young and upcoming Singer/Songwriter and gigging musician. Establishing himself as a worthy player in a thriving Newcastle music scene, Austin fuses together a blend of Indie, Pop and Folk music, which is brought to life through his original music and energetic live performances. 

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MONSTERS are a rock band from Newcastle Australia, featuring members from the ROSE TATTOO, FACEplant and The Dastardly Bastards.

Playing a mixture of each members back catalogues, song from there inspirations and originals of their own.


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Then Jolene

8 piece melodic raucous folk, hellbilly, hard country string band.

Bastard son of bluegrass and the wayward daughter of country music

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Bad Luck Kitty

Bad Luck Kitty

Influenced by the timeless tunes of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and The Stray Cats; Bad Luck Kitty bring Rockabilly to a whole new level, injecting cheeky lyrics into chunky ACDC like swing laced riffs. All delivered with mounds of energy and gusto that would make Mick Jagger shiver.

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PHOENIX PRITCHARD Big Apachee website bi


Acoustic artist from Newcastle, NSW Australia

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Goons of Doom

The Goons of Doom are a bunch of anti-reptilian, Lego loving, rock and roll fuckwits who play fire breathing guitars and shoot rainbows straight into the corn of hatred and fascism. Featuring Ozzie Wrong, Vaughan Dead, Killerwhale, Cut Throat Cowboy.

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Nano was born in Santiago, Chile where he lived before migrating to Australia. Drawing from his rich experience of both the Latin and Australian cultures Nano delivers his own signature style to genres such as pop, rock, latin and reggae.

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Pat Capocci

Pat Capocci has emerged as one of Australia’s most respected practitioners of Rockabilly and Roots music. Undoubtedly being one of Australia’s hardest working Artists, it is no wonder why all ages and subcultures across the world admire the energy and passion fuelled music that is Pat Capocci.

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Hailing from the Green Forest heights of the Kamai Rangers, this musical vessel comes as a holiday for those ears seeking an Audio message. 
TK brings you an Eclectic selection of Jazz, Funk n R&B, with a hint of Pop & sometimes Rock, to make those refreshing drinks after a long day that much more enjoyable.

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Brien McVernon

Brien has always been best known for his work in the Pop/Rock fields of music however his career as a musician has led him through many musical genres.  Performing in various formats- solo, duo or band he covers music, from the classic hits of the 50's to current songs of today.  

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Jump is a highly-energetic, four piece band playing all your favourite hits of today and through the ages! This band has stylistic influences of 80's rock, RnB and modern dance music, giving them a very diverse yet satisfying sound for parties and events.

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GW Freebird Blues Band

GW Freebird AKA Grant Walmsley - songwriter of certified Aussie classic 'Better' ... 'you know and I know better'. Multi platinum and gold selling recording artist, musician and songwriter.  Bringing you  the best of the Blues accompanied by a female singer. 

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Holly Mae

Holly Mae

Holly has an acoustic sound with a Blues Pop/Rock style and an ability to entertain a large variety of audiences. She has made many achievements in her career with music as her passion in which she focuses all her energy.


    The Lamplighters

    The Lamplighters are a soul and rock n’ roll band dedicated to recreating the look and sound of an 

    authentic 1960’s R&B group with the hit songs of the era. Narrow lapelled jackets , thin ties, stovepipe pants and pompadour hairstyles while playing vintage instruments, singing into 1960’s chromed microphones and go-go dancers =  Tone and style.

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    Them Wild Oats

    A driving, melodic, three piece progressive rock band hailing from Newcastle. Their songs and musicianship reflects the many years of playing together and the influences they embrace. The bipolar cousin of slacker rock meets pop / punk.


    Adam Taylor, Jae Nelson, Paul Coxon 

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