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Big Apachee


Big Apachee is an experienced Newcastle based promoter & booking agency run by Andrew Kelly and Marcus D Wright.


Big Apachee was established in 1998 when Andrew & Marcus became partners, touring local and international bands, hosting large scale events, booking venues and artists.

In 1999 Marcus & Andrew started their own crewing service employing hundreds of people over the years. Big Apachee Crewing has supplied crew to many events including; Nickelback, Disturbed, Ace Frehley, Lionel Richie, Beach Boys, Neil Young, Queens of the Stone Age, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Leonard Cohen, Rhianna, Nine Inch Nails, Disney on Ice, Steely Dan, Grinspoon, Chris Isaak, Krusty Demons, Newcastle V8 Super Cars plus many more.


Both partners have individually, and now in partnership, worked in many roles within the music industry;


Marcus D Wright: 

Music Promoter, Music Business TAFE teacher (10 years), musician, venue owner, Artist manager, Record Label President for Reign Records (Operating in Tokyo, Japan and Newcastle, Australia for 10 years, signing 18 acts), booking agent, contributor to Newcastle Music Taskforce, community mentor, owner of Music Production Factory (recording & rehearsal studio), Crewing Manager.


Andrew Kelly:

Tour Manager for Hilltop Hoods and Ash Grunwald, one of Australia’s most well respected sound engineers, Newcastle Music Taskforce, artist manager for Sunk Loto, The Porkers & The Wash, Promoter, booking agent, venue liaison, tour manager for Soundwave, Handsome Tours, Select Touring and more, production manager for Newcastle University, production manager for Groovin The Moo. 


Aaron Philpott:
Office manager, social media expert and artist liaison.
President of the Australian KISS Army.
Aaron is also the host of online program BATV.
Crowned the ZAP by the Sir of Soul and Rock N' Roll (if you know why - you know why) Aaron is a well known and widely respected member of the Australian rock and metal scene and the music business at large. A musician himself, with a passion for music bordering on extremism Aaron is a music fan first and foremost always looking to give the audience bang for their buck - because in his own words "The people own and operate the music business. It belongs to them. Without them we are nothing." A true believer and a defender of the faith.....Zap firmly attests you cannot fake authenticity and there is no doubting the fact that he is the genuine article. 






Artists Toured:
Wheatus, Smash Mouth, Eiffel 64, David Hasslehoff, LA Guns,  Sprung Monkey, Venga Boys, S Club, Special Beat, Bad Manners, Agent Orange, The Blanks, Neville Staple, The Beat, Sandi Thom.

Big Apachee Events over the years;

  • 2020 - 2021  Wickham Park Blue & Roots Festival

  • 2019 - 2021 Strike The Steel Metal Festival

  • 2019 - Newcastle Rockabilly Festival

  • 2018: Noisy Heeler Festival in association with Muswellbrook Council

  • 2017: Neon New Year’s Eve in Association with Newcastle City Council

  • 2017 – 2018: Newcastle Toy Run in association with the Red Cross

  • 2015-16: New Year’s Eve Street Party in association with The Cambridge Hotel

  • 2004 – 2018 Showdown at Sundown

  • 2001 – Present: Supplying crewing services and production crew for Day on the Green.

  • 1994 – 2010: Newcastle University Beach Parties

  • 1998: Teepee Music Festival

  • 1997,1998 & 1999: DOGBITE Festival in association with Maitland City Council

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